Our Process

Step 1- Initial Consultation

The first step of the project is to discuss the details of the site or required works, either face to face or over the phone. By understanding the results that you want to achieve, we can provide an accurate quote for our experienced consulting services.

Step 2 – Project Commencement

After initial consultation, a survey of the property is required, which we can help organise through our consultant network. Once this survey is complete, we discuss with you what is possible based on the survey of your property, council requirements, property restrictions and any other constraints. At this stage we present a basic concept layout based on previous discussions based on what you aim to achieve. Once the concept is approved, we then move to a full detailed design specification. Once we have this complete, the client signs off on the final design.

Step 3 – Development Application (DA) Lodgement Process

We coordinate any required consultant reports such as BASIX, Landscape design and Arborist Report ready for DA lodgement through council. This is where the local council assesses the proposal based on its compliance with council’s policies and legislative requirements. Ingenuity Home Design manages all of the council’s enquiries (as the applicant) and ensures the application is managed through their processes, which is key to ensuring the most efficient development approval process.

Step 4 – Construction Certificate (CC)

Once a DA approval is achieved, a Principal Certifying Agent (PCA) is engaged, with your consent, to issue the construction certificate (CC). We arrange and prepare all required documents for the CC, in accordance with Council’s conditions of consent, the Building Code of Australia and Principal Certifying Authority’s requirements. Once issued, we assist you in the process of engaging handover to a builder. At this time, our involvement reduces, however we are made available to contact at any point in time, should any concerns arise.

Step 5 – Occupation Certificate (OC)

Once the build is complete, we then issue compliance certificates as required to the PCA for occupation certificate.
We ensure an upfront discussion regarding budgets. Through extensive practical experience in understanding the project is built, we can provide expertise on unit rate cost estimations.


Our services include advice on the direction the project is taking and an accurate estimate on the proposal cost. As we get to a detailed design phase, our extensive network of qualified professionals can be referred to should you need.

Providing Property Development Solutions.

Ingenuity Home Design is a professional consultancy firm providing property development design and advisory services. We are not just a design service, we provide full end to end services for our clients, from the design phase through to the preparation of all required documentation for the approval process to the local council.

Why Choose Us

We are not just a design service, we are passionate about ensuring you get the desired result in a timely fashion. Our services are all about adding value to your property with a solution driven mindset. We take the stress out of development.